About Global African Media...

"Karibu" (means Welcome in Swahili) to our new home and new friends on the web.


The Global African Media experience is a story that is being told about Africa and its Diaspora by its daughters and sons from a visionary perspective and most importantly, with the development and potential of Africa as its main focus. This unique concept has not been universally addressed as the world gets more engaged and interconnected in the digital era.


As we grow our presence on the web, visit often and see what is happening with many talented individuals of our time: from the worlds of business, diplomacy, politics, music, art, medicine, science and more.


Our premier program, Conversations with Kwame Cumale, is another way that people of African descent are projecting their culture and telling their stories. Shows such as this are important examples of our Global African collective consciousness and for inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.  Moreover, it is critical for mainstream media to reconcile images and stories of Africa (death, destruction, disasters, disease, etc.) with the continent’s original narrative, rich cultural heritage, resources, promise and vast potential for the future. 


Music on Welcome Page: Music is provided courtesy of Dr. Kofi Kissi Dompere, Economics Professor, Howard University and Host of African Rhythms and Extensions, Pacifica Radio www.wpfw.org

Meet our founders...

Kwame "Cumale" Fitzjohn

Frederick Oyugi

Global African Media Host and Senior Producer is the quintessential African Renaissance man. A product of the oldest institution of higher learning in sub-Saharan Africa, Fourah Bay College, and a graduate in communication studies from the University of Maryland, Kwame Cumale is a native of Sierra Leone.


He was a regular contributor to Chinua Achebe's African Commentary magazine in the 1990s. During that period, he also served as Washington Correspondent for the BBC World Service for Africa and contributor to West Africa Magazine. His first major foray into television began at that time, with an exclusive guest appearance on CNN where he gave commentary on emerging democracies and governance in Africa.


Since the early 2000's, Kwame has served as an anchor on American Public Television and is currently a Producer and On-Air Personality at The African World TV program on MHz (the Network that carries Al Jazeera in Washington, DC.)


Kwame has conducted interviews with Presidents Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone, Oscar Film Director Steven Spielberg, and African Superstar musicians Miriam Makeba and Femi Kuti, among others. He is a member of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art’s first African Advisory Council and the host of Conversations with Kwame Cumale.


Cumale can be reached via email at:

Frederick  Oyugi is a founding member and Executive Producer of Global African Media, and is currently involved in multiple business ventures in the New York City Metropolitan Area. 


Mr. Oyugi’s role will be to develop Global African Media’s brand nationally and internationally while creating strategic relationships.  Having worked in the Criminal Justice, Financial Services, and Transportation industries, this prior experience provides unique insights and vantage points that will be instrumental in harnessing the potential of the brand.


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